Consignment of Aluminum Coils

On behalf of the manufacturer

On behalf of various aluminum manufacturers we receive and store aluminum coils which are intended for East-Switzerland and Ticino.

Just in time for the customers

Aluminium processing companies can waive complicated and expensive warehousing thanks to our services.

Just as smooth as a Swiss watch

Our Service Department interacts smoothly and quickly with our customers - IT supported and beyond all borders.

Online access for our customers

A Web tool developed specially by us allows our clients and their customers access to the warehouse management at any time.

Services Overview

Fast access to highways

  • Proper storage
  • Instant Inventory
  • Late delivery possible
  • Late pick up possible
  • Coils up to 25 tons weight
  • Eye to Wall or Eye to Sky

Truck drivable warehouse

Only a few hundred meters from the Highway 13 and the E60 away and therefore very easy to reach.

  • Convenient to supply
  • Usable for all sizes of trucks
  • Rail connection possible

Online access for our customers

Our state of the art online customer access allows manufacturers and customers at any time:

  • Control of inventory
  • Tracking of the ownership transition
  • Efficient cost management.